Health and Safety

We recognize the importance of addressing the health and medical needs of all individuals in Martha Lloyd programs. Two nursing departments manage medical records, routine appointments, and exams as needed. An annual physical and any pertinent laboratory studies are scheduled along with eye and dental exams. Each individual is scheduled on a monthly basis to have their weight, blood pressure, nails, ears and any other areas of concern checked.

A physician and licensed nurse practitioner are contracted by MLCS through the Guthrie Healthcare System. The physician is on site one day a week and the licensed nurse practitioner is on site three days a week. If needed, individuals will be referred to other medical specialists. We work very closely with local health care providers and have identified physicians and professionals that work well with the individuals that live here.

Medications ordered by the medical providers are delivered weekly (for routine medications) directly to Health Services by the pharmacy. If an individual is capable of self-medicating, they will be taught how to safely self-administer their own medications, while being carefully monitored on an on-going basis. Lastly, all employees are certified in First Aid and CPR.


Martha Lloyd Community Services is licensed by the Pennsylvania Office of  Human Services in several categories, including: Community Residential Facility, Adult Training Facility, Family Living, and ICF/ID. Martha Lloyd Community Services also is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging as an Older Adult Daily Living Center. Martha Lloyd contracts with numerous county agencies, as well as certain states for services. Martha Lloyd is also recognized by the US Armed Forces TRICARE program.