Adult Day Services

Martha Lloyd Community Services offers a wide range of adult training programs, each designed to meet the needs of individuals who do not, for one reason or another, want to participate in vocational programs. Based upon the individual’s strengths, needs and desires, a menu of training programs is available, including:

Life Skills

Relationship building and socialization skills are keys parts of this program. These skills are taught using the Circles Program, allowing individuals to learn about social distance and interpersonal relationships.” Other modules of the Life Skills Program include, basic cooking and activities of daily living.  MLCS also offers opportunities to enjoy the culture, music, and arts in the local area.

Sensory Integration Program

The brain organizes and interprets information about sensory experiences, such as touch, movement, body awareness, etc. Sensory integration is the critical function of the brain that is responsible for producing who we are physically, where we are, and what is going on around us. It is the organization of sensory information for on-going use. For some of us, the process is inefficient, demanding effort and attention with no guarantee of accuracy leading to Sensory Integrative Dysfunction. When this occurs, individuals may be overly sensitive to certain senses or have difficulty interpreting and processing information. This program uses a variety of equipment, like vestibular swings, therapy balls, balance mats, and activities associated with the equipment. The program goal is to enhance environmental awareness and increase positive interaction with an individual’s surroundings.

Recreation and Physical Fitness

One of the most important aspects in a person’s well being is to remain physically healthy and active. We offer an indoor swimming and therapy pool that are both accessible. Our fitness center includes treadmills, stationary bikes, and physical therapy equipment. There is also an outdoor walking and bike track. Our greenhouse promotes physical activity and exercise while also adding to vocational opportunities offered by our CopperTree Work center. Physical activities develop gross motor skills, health, fitness and general well being.

Identity Zone

Individuals participate in areas where their strengths are used to gain skills that would assist them towards a more independent life. This program includes personal hygiene awareness, because personal appearance and hygiene are important to everyone. Martha Lloyd offers an on-site beauty shop operated by a licensed beautician. Other modules of this program include, home maintenance, communications, and community involvement.

Remedial Reading/Language and Academics

Addresses adult function reading, utilizing the Laubach Method. Our library and telecommunication areas offer a variety of reading and language materials, Internet and email access, computer programs, and remedial material. A variety of instructional techniques are used to strengthen an individual’s skills in other academic areas where needed. This program is based on the idea that learning is a lifelong and rewarding experience.

Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy

Many times individuals require additional supports in regards to receptive and expressive language, gross motor, and fine motor skills. Therapists are available to provide evaluations and therapy for individuals at Martha Lloyd. After a thorough evaluation, individuals are either scheduled for therapy or their therapy program is written into their Individualized Program Plan and becomes part of their daily routine.

Special Education

For individuals who are still school age, educational opportunities are also available. Education is provided by local school districts that we have partnered with. The districts works very closely with the home school district, MLCS staff, and families to meet the educational needs of individuals, in addition to providing an introduction to the community’s resources. This partnership creates an opportune time for individuals and families to begin the transition from the educational setting to a community based setting for learning.