Board of Directors

Casandra K. Blaney, Esquire, Managing Partner, Brann, Williams, Caldwell, & Blaney, Attorneys at Law

Michael D. Bridgham, Community Member

Henry C. Dunn, Chairman of the Board, Henry Dunn, Inc.

Anthony J. Grippo, M.D., Occupational Medicine,  Guthrie Clinic, Ltd.

Rick Hoover, Owner, Hoover Hardware Do-It-Best Center

Barry L Ketterer, Captain, US Navy (Ret.)

Matthew K. Landis, Regional Manager Financial Services Delivery, C & N Bank

Anne M. Machmer, ICF/ID Director, MLCS

Dwight R. McCullough, Owner, McCullough Electric & Security LLC

Gretchen H. McClure, CRF Director, MLCS

Marsha E. Melkonian, Internal Revenue Services (Ret.)

G. Peter Morris, President, Grinnell Assoc., Inc.

Lisa Musselman, President/CEO, MLCS

Cynthia S. Porter, Community Member

Dr. Janeen B. Sheehe, Professor, Mansfield University (Ret.)

Douglas A. Ulkins, Superintendent, Athens School District (Ret.)

Guire Webb, Community Member