Q: How are families involved at MLCS?
A: Families are an integral part of Martha Lloyd Community Services. Families participate by taking part in the Individualized Program Plan process, our Board of Directors, our Strategic Planning Committee, and other key organizational committees. Friends and families are also invited to MLCS once a year to participate in the annual sharing and festival.
Q: How are MLCS programs licensed?
Martha Lloyd Community Services is licensed by the PA Department of Public Welfare in several categories, including Community Residential Facility, Adult Training Facility, Life Sharing, and Vocational Training Facility. The Intermediate Care Facility for the Intellectually Disabled (ICF/ID) is part of the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Program licensed by the PA Department of Health. We are also licensed by the PA Department of Aging as an Older Adult Daily Living Center. Martha Lloyd contracts with approximately 18 counties in Pennsylvania, and the states of New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia. Martha Lloyd is also recognized by the US Armed Forces TRICARE program.
Q: What vocational opportunities are available for individuals at MLCS?
Many opportunities exist for individuals that live at Martha Lloyd Community Services. Individuals experience fulfillment and benefit from increased self-esteem, as they become contributing members of the local economy. The CopperTree Vocational Work Center provides work experiences and training in supportive settings. Learn More.
Q: How can I contribute to MLCS?
People can contribute to MLCS in a variety of ways. See our Donate section for information about the Goodsearch program, our annual fundraiser, the Lloyd Fund and to download a direct donation form.

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