Community Residential Services

Martha Lloyd Community Services offers a continuum of care within its residential programs enabling us to meet the needs of individuals with a wide range of disabilities, including:

  • Individuals requiring a high degree of structure, support and care to assist them with mastering the basic activities of daily living
  • Individuals working on skills to enable them to progress toward an improved intermediate living level, where one deals with such matters as caring for their personal living area, simple food preparation and socialization.
  • Individuals striving for a more advanced living arrangement in preparation for semi-independent living. They will learn such tasks as: general housekeeping, meal planning and preparation and handling money issues, among others.
  • Individuals capable of living in a semi-independent living situation, focused on increased responsibility and self-reliance.
  • Individuals who have progressed to independent living with ongoing supports and counseling.

Placement in any Martha Lloyd residential program is based on an assessment of the individual’s strengths, needs, and desires. Compatibility is a prime concern, with each individual placed in a situation where social factors and functional levels are considered. The desires of family and individual are given the highest priority. Training focuses on the acquisition of skills to maximize the potential of each person. Our 18 homes are designed to allow for growth and progression to the highest skill level for each resident.

Community Homes

Individuals live in an attractive home in community settings (see locations). All have choices to participate in community activities – shopping, banking, dining, attending the church of their choice, etc. These opportunities are available to everyone who joins the Martha Lloyd family.

Recreation and Leisure

Activities are important to Martha Lloyd residents. And, they are abundant, given the advantages and opportunities available in this rural atmosphere with its healthy environment. They join the local townspeople in country fairs, festivals and other events. And, they participate in cultural events and programs in Troy, plus amusement parks and festivals in nearby communities.  Community involvement is part of everyone’s program here at Martha Lloyd Community Services.

Animal Program

Martha Lloyd Community Services along with a partnership with Rainbow Riders offers the opportunity to participate in animal assisted activities.  The program provides motivational, educational, and recreational benefit to participants at the Rainbow Riders’ Ranch, located in Troy.  Individuals provide care to dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, and several other animals.  The program teaches teamwork, safety, respect, animal care and proper animal hygiene.  Learn more.

Residential staff provide a caring, supportive, home-like atmosphere at each residence. Consistency and harmony within each home is part of the philosophy we hold at Martha Lloyd.

For over 90 years, we have provided choices and lifestyles for persons with developmental disabilities, in loving, safe, supportive communities.