Casandra K. Blaney, Esquire: Managing Partner, Brann, Williams, Caldwell, & Blaney, Attorneys at Law

Michael D. Bridgham: Community Member

Henry C. Dunn: Chairman of the Board, Henry Dunn, Inc.

Anthony J. Grippo, M.D.: Occupational Medicine, Guthrie Clinic, Ltd.

Rick Hoover: Owner, Hoover Hardware Do-It-Best Center

Barry L Ketterer: Captain, US Navy (Ret.)

Matthew K. Landis: Regional Manager Financial Services Delivery, C & N Bank

Courtney Irvine: ICF/ID Director, MLCS

Dwight R. McCullough: Owner, McCullough Electric & Security LLC

Gretchen H. McClure: CRF Director, MLCS

Marsha E. Melkonian: Internal Revenue Services (Ret.)

G. Peter Morris: President, Grinnell Assoc., Inc.

Lisa Musselman: President/CEO, MLCS

Cynthia S. Porter: Community Member

Dr. Janeen B. Sheehe: Professor, Mansfield University (Ret.)

Douglas A. Ulkins: Superintendent, Athens School District (Ret.)

Guire Webb: Community Member

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