Services Overview

Community Residential Services

Martha Lloyd Community Services offers a variety of options within its residential programs, enabling us to meet the needs of individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Fifteen community homes are located in a variety of settings in both Bradford and Tioga Counties. Learn more about our community residential services.

Intermediate Care Facility

Martha Lloyd Community Services also offers four additional community homes that fall under ICF/ID Medicaid regulations. Three of these homes are located in Tioga County while one is located in Bradford County.  Learn more.

Adult Day Services

Martha Lloyd Community Services offers a wide range of adult day services, each designed to meet the needs of each individual’s strengths, needs and desires.

Vocational Services

Work is an integral component of the Martha Lloyd Community Services’ continuum of services and care. We believe that persons with disabilities desire to be contributing members of society, and benefit from increased self-esteem when they are part of the workforce. Learn more about our vocational services programs.

Senior Services

Participants in the Orchard View Senior Center are provided services to enhance the quality of their life. A program for those persons 60 years of age and older, the Center provides activities designed to foster physical and mental fitness. The program focuses on socialization, relaxation, recreation, and community activity. Learn more about our senior services offerings.

Respite Care

Respite care provides families with an opportunity to take vacations, or just simply have a rest from their care giving responsibilities. Respite care also can be for a person to become comfortable with Martha Lloyd Programs when permanent admission isn’t desired immediately. Learn more about our respite care program.

Life Sharing

This program offers residential care for a person with developmental disabilities by a family or individual in their private home in the community.Learn more about our life sharing program

Health and Safety

We recognize the importance of addressing the health and medical needs of all individuals in Martha Lloyd Programs. Numerous employees and measures are in place to assure people receive the best medical attention possible. Learn more about our health and safety program.