Athletes starting from second to the left include Robert Cummings, Karen Squitiere, Elizabeth Porter, Danny Golder, Sirena Covey, Margaret Harkinson, Misty Fassett (back row), Jeffrey Bailey (back row), Lauren Clark, Randy Fortune, Anne Roof, Damian Smith, Izaak Hobday, Christina Cybulak, Parker Moulton, Roger Benson, Jerrell Lyon (back row), Amanda Kolb, Kevin Clark (second from right).


The Special Olympics Pennsylvania Bradford/Sullivan Counties found great success at the Central Spring Sectional Sunday April 30.  St. Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania hosted the event.  Special Olympics creates divisions of competitors based upon age, gender, and past performance.

In aquatics (swimming), Elizabeth Porter represented the local team.  Porter won her division, bringing home the gold medal, in the 400-yard freestyle and 100-yard butterfly races.  Porter took the silver in a close 100-yard backstroke.

The sectional athletics events (track & field) took place at the nearby Central Cambria High School track with rain throughout the day.  In the 100-meter dash, Jerrell Lyon secured a gold medal and Amanda Kolb won silver.

The 100-meter walk followed.  Sirena Covey, and Karen Squitiere won gold medals in their respective divisions. Roger Benson, Kevin Clark, and Lauren Clark earned silver medals, and Susan Beemer, Misty Fassett, and Daniel Golder brought home bronze medals.  In the 50-meter walk, Kevin Clark, and Lauren Clark both won gold medals for their divisions.

The 200-meter dash featured Jerrell Lyon and Amanda Kolb won gold.

The local team had two athletes in the 800-meter walk.  Sirena Covey won gold.

In the 400-meter walk Sirena Covey, Misty Fassett, and Daniel Golder all won gold.  Susan Beemer earned the silver medal, Roger Benson won a bronze medal, and Karen Squitiere received the fourth-place ribbon.

In field events, Roger Benson won silver, and Daniel Golder won bronze medals.  Special Olympics uses mini javelin as a throwing event as well.  Susan Beamer, Misty Fassett, and Jerrell Lyon, all won gold medals in this event with Amanda Kolb taking silver.  Lauren Clark, and Karen Squitiere each brought home the bronze medal.

The day’s events ended with an exciting 4×100 meter relay.  The county was able to field three relay teams, each within a different division: Covey, and Lyon were teamed with two other participants; and Benson, and Golder were teamed with another two participants to make up two of the three teams.  Each team persevered for their respective gold medal during the strongest down pour of the day.

The Athletics team will next compete at the Special Olympics Pennsylvania Summer Games hosted by Penn State University, June 8-10.  Please see the Bradford/Sullivan Counties Facebook page or the Special Olympics Pennsylvania website ( to learn more or to contribute.