Greetings from Martha Lloyd!
As we continue to move forward with developing new ideas and ways of communicating, we would like to take a moment to wish you a wonderful holiday season. We appreciate that you read our newsletters, respond to our financial support letters and advocate for people with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

This letter is to let you know that Anne Machmer, ICF Director at Martha Lloyd, has decided to retire. For over 20 years, Anne has led our ICF program, weaving through the continuous changes of funding, and managing the ever-changing personnel shortages. In more recent years, she has been the lead on how Martha Lloyd responded to the pandemic. Anne has been a wonderful example of true commitment, dedication, and leadership.

Anne’s last day is January 3, 2023. She will be leaving with our heart-felt best wishes for a happy retirement. If you would like to send your well wishes, you may do so via email at or by mailing her at

Anne Machmer
C/o Martha Lloyd Community Services
66 Lloyd Lane
Troy, PA 16947

Please look for our regularly timed newsletter coming out in late January.
Happy Holidays!