BillPennsylvania has begun the fourth (4th) month of its fiscal year (15-16) without a State budget. I find it increasingly frustrating that our elected officials at all levels of government are basically failing to do their jobs, which is to govern. Fortunately, due to Martha Lloyd’s diverse funding structure, we remain in a strong financial position, despite the slow-down in revenue. Counties for the most part are paying their bills, however, we have received notices that the reimbursements will begin to be cut without action by the State. I know in such a politically charged environment that everyone is saying it is the ‘other guy’. A simple lesson in civics will tell you that you must compromise to make things work. That way our residents, consumers, and ordinary citizens of the State will not suffer adverse effects because of their failure to act.

In today’s social service environment, agencies such as Martha Lloyd must operate as a business. However, what we can’t do is to never forget why we do what we do and who we do it for. I am impressed every day with how committed our Direct Support Professionals (DSP) are in providing the supports and services our individuals need. The mid-level managers, that supervise the over 350 staff, are constantly pulled in different directions. However, it always comes back to why we are here. DSP week nationwide was held in September and I want to acknowledge all that they do. Next time you see one of them let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

On a much brighter note, we had our annual Sharing meeting with the festival following on Friday, September 11. Once again it was just a very informative and fun filled day. The morning hours were spent providing information, with a lot of questions and answers. There was an ‘excellent’ dialogue on ‘How Martha Lloyd Works’. You could hear family and friends walking away with “I really didn’t know that”. The festival and picnic were just awesome with over 350 in attendance. When we built the large pavilion, we thought we were done with the large tents. Well folks, we had to use both again this year. It really was an overflow crowd of residents, staff, family and friends. The Music in Movement program was once again a great hit, as many of our residents danced to the Motown themed music. What a wonderful day it was and the weather could not have been better. Once again this day would not happen without a lot help and assistance from a whole lot of people.

Yours in Peace!