I have begun to realize that many of the things and events at Martha Lloyd are things that I am doing for the last time as the President/CEO of this wonderful organization. We recently held the Troy Holiday Parties on December 7. This is the time where Jackie and I (Tom was with us this year) go around to all the various day locations with our trays of cookies; small gifts for staff and consumers and of course my dancing Santa Chicken. This is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone has a great time and I get to see just about everyone. It is difficult for me to comprehend that next year I will not be here saying hello to everyone and passing out cookies and drinks. The reality that I am retiring has finally begun to sink in. My interaction with individuals and staff everyday will be truly missed.

As with all major life decisions, there is some fear of the unknown. I ask myself ‘what is next’ a lot lately. I started working at the age of 14, and will have worked for 55 years when I retire September 6, 2019. I have worked at a number of different places and my career path has changed several times. I graduated from college in 1972 with a degree in Health and Physical Education and never really taught a day. In 1986, I received my Master’s Degree in Public Administration while balancing a family and full-time employment.  I worked construction, oversaw delinquency diversion programs for County Government, was the Executive Director of a Residential Treatment program for young people and finally ended up at Martha Lloyd in 1996. I was not sure at that time but this is where I was meant to be.

This has been such a meaningful job in so many ways. Of course seeing and interacting with the individuals we serve has been very rewarding. In addition, seeing how hard the Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) at Martha Lloyd work to ensure that we fulfill our Mission is also very gratifying. However, other groups work just as hard behind the scenes to make sure we stay on track as an organization. They are the Supervisors, the Business Office staff, the Human Resources department and of course our Maintenance crew. These people rarely if ever receive headlines or attention unless something goes wrong. With over 350 employees, 35 buildings and over 50 vehicles, everything must be working well in order for Martha Lloyd to function. This groups’ hard work every day ensures that staff and bills are paid, revenue is generated, vehicles are operating, homes and facilities are great environments and that we have enough employees to do the jobs. I just want to say that these staff, and the jobs that they do every day, are greatly appreciated. They are a wonderful group that I will miss. I believe that I have two (2) more articles to contribute to this newsletter and will try to share some more thoughts about this wonderful organization as I prepare for life after Martha Lloyd.

May Peace be with you!