Its fall once again here in North Central Pennsylvania and we are all hopeful that the Monsoon season is finally over. In August, the Borough of Troy suffered severe damage from flash flooding. We evacuated three facilities and luckily, they did not sustain any permanent damage. Following the storm, we undertook a significant stream stabilization project and appreciated the assistance of our new State representative Clint Owlett. He helped by fast tracking the permits necessary for us to do the work. The flood that day is not something I will soon forget. Watching the cars from the local garage float down the small stream was incredible. Our staff at all levels were again outstanding. They got the individuals home safely and we were able to staff all the residential homes adequately. This just reminds me what a committed group of Direct Support Professionals and supervisors we have. I am very proud of everyone for a job well done that day.

On August 24, we held our annual Pro-Am golf tournament. This was the 19th year for this event with the net proceeds exceeding $18,000. This money is used for capital improvement projects. It was another great day (no rain) and we are so appreciative of all of our sponsors. If you would like information about our tournament, please contact Jackie Hickok the tournament director.

On September 7, we held our annual get together with our families to share information and to celebrate Martha Lloyd. As always, we had a great turnout, providing the opportunity for lots of people to engage in many different conversations about many different topics. It was a wonderful day with lots of raffle winners and of course dancing. Many of our individuals love to dance and with the assistance of family member Linda Seipler, they are quite amazing. This year I saw many more supervisory staff and family members joining in. It is just plain good old-fashion fun.

Tom McDermott, our new COO is fitting in quite well. He is a bright articulate man who had the opportunity to meet many family members during the annual festival. Tom will be co-facilitating our Strategic Planning efforts this fall. We are all glad that he chose to become part of the Martha Lloyd team.

Everyone Stay Dry!