I am very pleased to report that the new enclosed ramp for Memorial Hall is now complete, made possible by generous donations from our supporters. Now on to the final phase, which is a complete renovation of the Senior Center, which includes an additional bathroom, and renovations to the existing one, so to you our supporters – thank you again.

Every year at this time, we celebrate the holiday seasons. We have cookie parties in various locations, a door-decorating contest, and Santa makes an appearance before Christmas at the Day Program party. For the last few years, Jackie and I have taken our Christmas gifts and cookie trays on the road, by going to each program location. I go with my lighted blinking hat and dancing Christmas chicken and small gifts for all the individuals and staff. Jackie has an established schedule for the day and we make the rounds. I am struck every year with how hard our staff work at making this an enjoyable time of year for our individuals. It is refreshing to see that you do not need all of the expensive “stuff” to allow people to feel good about the season. Several staff provide us with the treats and cookies, including sugar and gluten free. The staff know who can eat what and we make sure everyone has something. There is a vicious rumor circulating, with video, of a group of people doing the ‘chicken dance’ at the CopperTree. I am happy to report that none of the older participants (me) were injured while participating in this dance.

This is the season to reflect on the type of year we have had, it is a time to look at what we have done to assist others in living a full and productive life. It is also a time to give thanks for all of our gifts, our friends, families and for everyone here at Martha Lloyd. I hope everyone has a festive Holiday season and please make plans to stop in at Martha Lloyd; we would love to see you and show you around.

Yours in Peace!