BillDuring this wonderful season full of holidays, gift giving, wonderful meals and of course the snow, many of us take time to reflect on what has happened to us during the past year.  This serves as a reminder of all the wonderful things that have happened as well as looking at those struggles that we all have faced.  A wise man once said, “You can’t live in the past”, and they are absolutely correct.  We did live that period of time and hopefully we learned from it and enjoyed it.  However, at times it seems that we get stuck; we become afraid to move forward or to try new things.  Sometimes we just give up and resolve ourselves to the fact that we can’t control what will happen.  We don’t like that feeling but in some ways it feels comfortable.

I recently heard the saying, “stop running from something and start running toward something.”  Initially this sounded trivial but on further reflection it really does make good sense.  Our past experiences certainly play a big part in who we are and how we think about things.  If many of those experiences were difficult or hurtful then maybe we are not reaching our potential because of them.  The idea of running from our past is an essential concept.  If we chose to, we can set goals and work very hard at reaching them and looking positively toward the future.

It is also a lot easier if we ask for some help along the way. When we allow people to help us, the job gets easier and that person feels good about helping.  During this season, I look at all of the volunteers who man the kettles, collect the food, and donate gifts for those in need.  There is a feeling you get when you help someone and feel appreciated that is hard to beat.  It is often easier to help someone else rather than ourselves.  That’s where setting goals and working toward them will help.

In my fourteen (14) years at Martha Lloyd, I have learned that this organization like many others is steeped in tradition.  We value the lessons we have learned, yet look towards the future to ensure that Martha Lloyd continues to provide outstanding services to individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Therefore, my holiday message to you is to remember the past, live in the present, and plan for the future.  Time is of the essence so we must make the most of it.

Yours in Peace!