I would like to give you all some information that was generated by our staff, family and Board of Directors surveys that were completed as part of our Strategic Planning process.  We certainly do a lot of wonderful things at Martha Lloyd but we also have some areas where we can do better.  That’s where these results help us formulate new initiatives and action plans to move the organization forward.  Some of the family comments included:

  • The quality of her life is better than it would be if she lived at home
  • We like the homelike atmosphere
  • Wonderful, caring staff
  • Safe friendly environment
  • Martha Lloyd provides a home away from home
  • Excellent day-time programs
  • That Martha Lloyd is available to our rural county is fabulous
  • Program Specialist system is effective
  • Our daughter is happy
  • Sense of family here
  • Medical Services have been excellent

Some of the areas that we need to work on include:

  • Communication – external/internal
  • Better pre-employment screening for direct care
  • Need more social functions out in the community
  • Downsize the 18 bed ICF/ID program
  •  Some residential homes need work

I wanted to use some of my allotted space to say thank you for giving us the feedback we need to improve our programs and communication.  We appreciate the time that our family members took to fill out the survey.

In addition, as part of our Strategic Planning process we surveyed all 300 + of our staff and asked what we were doing well and those areas where we could improve.  As usual they were very clear about their opinions and I want to share some of them with you.


  • Staff take pride in their work
  • Good governance model
  • Our benefits
  • Individuals are safe
  • Wonderful facilities
  • Experienced Staff
  • Team approach
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Strong reputation

Areas of Improvement

  • Wages
  • No pre-employment drug testing
  • Better cell phone policy
  • More variety in the In-Home Training Program
  • High staff turnover
  • Communications at all levels
  • Inconsistent discipline
  • Lack of available subs
  • Training for new staff
  • Not a smoke free agency

There was a long list of Strengths and Weaknesses and I wanted to share some examples of each.  Although I believe we have a great organization, I do respect the fact that this is my perspective and that depending on where in the organization you are, you may have different ideas.

I feel that it is extremely important that we keep all stake holders informed about this process, so that they become invested in it.  In today’s ever-changing environment, a Strategic Plan needs to be a living document and our agency needs to be able to react quickly to new opportunities.

Therefore, if you are reading this newsletter and have some additional feedback you would like to share please send it to me and it will be considered.

Yours in Peace!