I thought I would share a story about a warmer time, so that for at least a few minutes we can think back to summer.  For the past 15 years, Martha Lloyd has held a charity golf tournament, which is played at the Corey Creek Golf Club in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.  This tournament was developed to raise money to support people and programs at Martha Lloyd.  This little tournament has grown into one of our biggest fund raisers and is one of the premier tournaments in our area.

Initially the tournament was supported by Dr. Gary Wiren, the former head golf professional and current Director of Golf Instruction at Trump International in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Gary would attend the tournament, put on clinics and demonstrations for the amateur participants and encouraged many golf manufactures to contribute merchandise that was used for prizes.

The tournament began to grow and two (2) local golf professionals, Art Connelly, former PGA Professional at Corey Creek Golf Club in Mansfield, PA and Jim Edmister, former PGA Professional at the Mark Twain Golf Course in Elmira, NY really assisted us in that growth.  These two (2) along with tournament director Jackie Hickok and former President/CEO of Martha Lloyd, Richard S. MacIntire (Mac) created the format for the current Pro-Am Classic.  Even though Jim moved on to another position and Art retired recently, we have Adam Augustine, from Mark Twain and Shawn Mitcheltree from Corey Creek helping us and we haven’t missed a beat.  In fact, the tournament continues to be one of the most talked about golf events in the area.  The tournament committee is made up of this core group, staff from Martha Lloyd and people from the community who donate their time and energy.  We also appreciate the twenty-five (25) local club professionals from Rochester, NY to State College, PA that continue to attend and support this wonderful event.

Over the years this tournament has generated approximately $280,000 for the Lloyd Fund and other projects at Martha Lloyd.  We have business partners who contribute each year, as well as, individuals and family members who donate to support Martha Lloyd.  The tournament has been described as a classy event and I would like to think that is a reflection of the whole organization.  Classy!  We work hard every day to provide the services and supports to the individuals entrusted to our care.  We do this in such a way that we treat people with respect and dignity, just like we would like to be treated.

Golf is a wonderful game that I have been playing for close to 60 years.  It can be exciting and wonderful; it can also be frustrating and discouraging.  What this is; is the opportunity to enjoy a period of time with friends and family in an activity where anything can happen.  This tournament allows people – professionals, amateurs and volunteers to come together on a specific day in August to enjoy this wonderful game and support Martha Lloyd. It sounds like a win/win to me. (Note: After 15 years of trying, my team won this year – go figure)

Think Spring!