As the latest snowstorm dumped close to 12 inches of snow across Northeastern Pennsylvania, it made a lot of us realize how important the continuation of services are for individuals who are a part of MLCS programs.  While businesses and schools close their doors early, or shut down, Martha Lloyd programs must continue.

Many residential employees volunteer to work extra shifts when other employees cannot make it in.  The dietary department can be seen putting extra supplies and food together for houses.  Other employees volunteer to deliver medications and other medical supplies to houses.  The maintenance department comes in early to begin the process of clearing the snow from parking lots and sidewalks.  If you looked close on Wednesday, you would have even witnessed President/CEO Bill Miller clearing snow off of vehicles and moving them to make room for maintenance’s snowplows.

The fact is, many of the individuals require around the clock care and support that doesn’t stop when we are faced with adverse weather.  Without dedicated employees, MLCS wouldn’t be able to provide the quality supports it strives for.