BillFall is in the air and recently we even have had some days where the windshield scrapers were needed.  On September 6 and 7 we held the Fall Festival Martha Lloyd style.  This is the weekend where all families are invited to visit, enjoy good food, good entertainment (Music & Movement), and a good exchange of information.  This event provides the opportunity for families to talk in person with the Administrative staff about how things are going.  Everyone also got an opportunity to tour the Wissinger Administrative building with the renovations almost completed.

It was also an opportunity to dedicate the newly renovated meeting room to Richard S. MacIntire.  Mac, who retired in January of 2010, had been employed at Martha Lloyd for over twenty-two (22) years with fourteen (14) of those years as President/CEO.  The whole campaign to ‘Save Martha’s Home’ originated with Mac and $300,000 later the renovation process is winding down.  The new MacIntire Parlor is a handicapped accessible meeting room with the capability of also providing space to train staff.  When you next visit, please stop and take a tour.

MacThe new Guthrie Troy Hospital will be opening soon.  It is located ¼ of a mile west of Martha Lloyd’s main facility.  Staci Covey, President of the Troy Hospital and several of her staff gave interested families and residents a tour of the new facility during the family weekend.  Several residents had been asking me for months when it was going to be completed and when could they see it.  It is so nice with such great scenic views of the area that we are concerned that some of the residents just want to go back.  We really appreciate the opportunity for everyone to have had this tour.

The fourteenth (14th) annual golf tournament again went off without a hitch.  We had an absolutely wonderful day with some spectacular weather as well as some great golf. (Unfortunately not mine)  This yearly event once again grossed over $37,000 with the net proceeds going to the Lloyd Fund.  This tournament is successful every year because a lot of Martha Lloyd staff volunteer the day of the event.  The key person in making this special is Jackie Hickok.  Her tireless efforts keep us all on the ball and she makes sure things get done.  Next year’s tournament is scheduled for Friday, August 22 and sponsorships are needed.

Yours in Peace!